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Shadow Stormtrooper Kit HELP

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Hello Everyone!


First off I just wanted to say how grateful I am to be starting my journey in the Spec Ops Detachment and that I'm excited to talk to so many of you!


I have been doing research for several months and I am currently trying to find a good place to purchase a Shadow Trooper kit from and was wondering if any of you could recommend any good places?


I know of ATA, Anovos, NE and RS Prop Masters. ATA has a 10 to 11 month wait time and I am currently waiting to hear back from RS and NE. Anovos isn't shipping anything out yet so I'm hesitant to purchase anything until I hear some reviews and I don't know how long it will take the kits to arrive.


I would like to start working on the armor in the next two months at least but that is starting to seem like wishful thinking since everyone's wait time is almost a year. If anyone could offer any advice I'd really appreciate it!


Thank you,


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Drop these guys an e-mail tkarmor@hotmail.com It's where I got mine. I'm not sure when they are doing their next run but I think the quality is second to none. The size runs a bit large but easy to trim down.

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I know it sucks to wait but... I'm not sure about your size but being a girl I am glad I got my tk from ATA!

I'm 5'2" 100lbs

At the time most girls with TK seemed to be getting theirs from ATA and after a lot of research it seemed the best option.

I didn't wait that long.

I think at the time they were saying 4 to 6 weeks but I got mine in 3!


Sometimes it is best to wait and just make sure you get the best option for you

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