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Recently after seeing some charitable work that the 501st did I decided to start looking into joining. I've done some research and found it takes some money to get going. I am tight on money but I would love to get a trooper uniform. Also another problem it seems you have to be artistic which I am not. What is the best and cheapest way to get a shadow/storm trooper 501st approved uniform?

Ps sorry for my ignorance on proper terms

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Expect to pay at least 1k-1.5k USD before it's all said and done.

most base plastic kits cost in the high 600s and there is still plenty you need to get after that. The main issue now is less people are making the black kits due to lower demand.

There are a few out there making it still Anovos is doing it officially but is very expensive still and there is no release date.


There is quite a bit of crafting that is true. But hooking up with your local 501st Garrison and getting some local help is usually quite easy.

use this site and www.whitearmor.net for more assembly help as well.. yes it's expensive and challenging.. but it is well worth the effort.

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Idk but I think these days everyone is sort of tight on money hahaha especially when it means spending this much on a hobby right?!?


What I do is this! Making a costume takes a lot planning and research. And even learning some skills and techniques you didn't know before.

I would even say you don't need to super artistic! Just need to follow instructions to a t! Lol


While I'm researching and planning and reading everything I can find about it, I also start saving up money!

Sometimes, depending on the costume, I saved up for a whole year!

And after some money saved I decide what to do first: go on and get whatever is the most expensive right off the bat ( in this case it would be the armor kit) or take a little bit at a time from my savings to gather all the smaller, less expensive bits (that all together cost a good amount of $)


This helps a lot! And when I finally saved enough money for it I have also acquired some level of knowledge on it, laid out my building plans, and definitely feel a bit more confident in starting the build.

I remember practicing inserting a pop rivet (had never done it before and worse, didn't even know what that was until I got my tk lol) for a couple of days before I was brave enough time do it on my armor



The best advice I can give you is take your time. Save up so you can get exactly what you want, and not just because it's cheap! You know what I mean?!?


I saved up for 2 years to make my Disney parks inspired princess Tiana costume. I think to this day it's probably the most expensive costume I have.m due to the $40 a yard fabric I used (and I still had to dye it and add some texture to it, and I used 8.5 yards) and it was just one of the 5 different types of fabric I used! Plus accessories, shoes, wig(s) o.O

Costuming, being that in the legion or not, is not a cheap hobby! At all!

But it's worth it that's for sure!!!

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