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Good Evening fellow Spec Op Troopers,


I would like to throw a question into the arena. We all know that major character's had astromechs, including the Emperor ( R2-Q5) - which I am currently building. My question is, is there any 'Spec Ops Astromechs" ?


Any information to assist our Spec Ops Team would be greatly appreciated.


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My favorite droid was always R5-D4. It was an astromech, but it just was a little off. It seemed maybe older-looking to me as a kid. I saw a photo a while back of R5-J2, one of the black Imperial droids from ROTJ, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I built t with my son who was 9 at the time, and I let him pick the colors, and I love this particular detachment, so I decided to name him after it. Since then we have also built an R4 dome to change out for this guy so that he often becomes R4-V9. 5010A41F-EF90-441F-A834-082FA3AF9999_zpsyxfjsgll.jpg


We then built a second droid, R2-A6.


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