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MLC FO Flametrooper Helmet

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It's fun to see the process and how everything comes together. Keep sharing Mardon.

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That looks interesting. What are you making that out of? Looks like plastic parts. Is it a kit?


Sorry for the late response - for the base, we used our FOTK helmet prototype. I added cardboard, sintra and bondo and sculped to shape.


Mardon (MLC)

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After placing bondo and re-shaping, the mixture of colors were kinda throwing me off......so we sprayed everything with a white wash of paint to properly see the details etc.

We're slowly getting there :)


To see further developments, kindly visit my other FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mlcfiberglassing/


Mardon (MLC)




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It's coming together nicely Mardon. The shape is looking right, and that's the most important factor IMHO.

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Uhhmm.......cant apologize enough for the delay on this bucket. Nonetheless, we finally molded the prototype and have also pulled a first product. Its in the process of being painted so will post those soon :)


For further updates, kindly visit: https://www.facebook.com/mlcfiberglassing/


Mardon (MLC)








Mardon (MLC)

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