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Deciding between two armors

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I am going to be getting a Shadow/Nova Storm Trooper outfit to wear to a friends themed wedding. I had originally looked at Anovos and "Original Stormtrooper" but later noticed that one won't ship till to late and the other doesn't ship to the USA.


After coming here I managed to find Scootch's Custom Fab Shop and later found Star Wars Costumes . Now I don't know which one to go with and was wondering if anyone on the board had any ideas on quality differences between the two. Cost wise, Scootch's would be $550 + tools and extra materials + Jumpsuit/Gloves + A lot of time. While the costume site seems like it might be a pre-built for $950. Given time and extra materials/tools needed for Scootch's the cost would probably be equivalent.


So, anyone purchased from either place before?

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Scootch is the man, and the armor he produces is far more accurate than the junk sold by star wars costumes. Yes, you will have to build it, and you have to paint it, but it is worth it. Who knows, maybe you can commission a build from him?

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That's a commercially-made Rubies costume. As it stands, the sculpt is abysmal in accuracy. With a lot of work and expense it can be made into a decent novatrooper sentinel, but the helmet will never work. Compare it to pictures of a real stromtrooper.

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Its all about goals and whether or not you want to be respected in the Star Wars costuming community.


Do you just want to have a costume to wear at a friends wedding and occasionally wear to costumed events? Then get the star wars costumes "outfit"




Do you want a screen accurate replica Stormtrooper costume that once completed will give you access to a Star Wars costuming community with thousands of members across the globe? Potential access to exclusive events? The respect of those fellow members and countless of friendships in the process.


I would agree that the price between that ready to wear outfit and Scootch's kit (once completed) would probably end up being the same amount.


I've bought kits from Scootch several times within the last couple of years. I'm very pleased with his professionalism and quality of work.

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I have a shoretrooper helmet from 850 works, which is a good kit, but it's an older version, so not as accurate as they're current version.


I do not know what their TX armour is like but have been told their shoretrooper armour needs mods to be approvable, but is still good armour.


There are other good makers such as WTF, ATA, RS propmasters etc...


Your best option is to get a kit and build yourself, it really isn't that hard and ABS is easy to work with.



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