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Question about canon

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This is a very obscure question that I can't find the answer to (again, may be by lack of ability to search).


I have been advised that the tube stripes on a shadow storm trooper can now be blue and have been told that this is confirmed as canon because on the new Star Wars: Battlefront this is the case.


Thing is, the shadow stormtroopers have a white imperial cog on the chest plate. Does this mean this would also be canon?

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Currently these are not approved aspects for the shadow stormtrooper. The one featured in the game is based on ROTJ armor. Were a trooper to create a costume matching that, we could work together to create a CRL for that costume matching the game references including the cog and blue tubestripes. Until then, this variant will not be approved.

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So there you go...


my info isn't always correct. Partially correct... but not fully.



To elaborate. In order to go down the 'blue' tube stripes route, the ENTIRE costume would need to be replicated (ROTJ Armour, chest cog, blue stripes etc) and presented as a completely new 'variant'.


And not just pick up 'elements' of the different variants to suit your own particular build.



So yes, the new BattleFront BlackHole stormtrooper is now 'canon' as it has appeared in a licenced LFL/Disney release, but as yet it is NOT on a CRL.

To have this 'approved', it would need to be built as per the reference and submitted to the Legion as a new costume type for it's own specific CRL.


The same as any 'new to the legion' costume.



I hope this makes some sense.

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