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Hey guys so I recently stumbled across this video that shows a dark trooper in full armor and I was wondering if the 501st whatever bring them in as a full-time cosplay or costume rather. Please note I am NOT talking about a shadow trooper or a shadow Scout this is a dark trooper from the video game: Star Wars dark forces, you can see what I am talking about at around 1:05 of this video. Thanks for the assist and apologies if I'm posting in the wrong space I'm kind of new around here and I'm not very used to message boards yet, thank you again.


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It is my understanding that the CRL for this does not exist currently. I can't check as the main 501st boards are down at the moment).


That's not to say that this is not possible... just that no-one has done so yet.



It would need to be a new costume submission to the Legion.


There is a process for that, one which here at Spec Ops we're well versed with.

So gather your references, build the armour and we'll guide you through it.




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As Chef mentioned, it's not an approved costume yet. A few have mentioned it in the past but have not completed a build or CRL (costume reference) for it. Spec Ops can help make it happen if you have the drive to push forward! :)

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