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It begins... Again

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Ok, so my ATA shadow stormtrooper helmet arrived this morning so I've fitted the parts initially. Now going to take them apart so I can fit the internal electrics (I have a mic and wireless transmitter, plus the fans).


Here it is at the minute, with the first layer of silver in the frown and the Matt black on the vocoder.





Quick question, are the hovi-mics all black or do I leave the lip and internals white? I feel like all black is the way to go. Also, should they be Matt or gloss black??


Final question, do I still plaint the vent marks in the traps in black or just completely leave the traps unpainted?



Here is my first helmet completely finished.





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I'm just a complete amateur, in fact these pics show every experience I have ever had with ATA, in fact, any storm trooper kit but I have found the kits really good to work with and so happy with the results. I'm sure experienced members could pick a load of faults, but they'll lie with my build and not the kit! Haha

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I'm just going to do it for a bit of fun, I'm not a fan of the helmet for the kashyyk trooper. I'm going to vinyl wrap the plastic parts so I can peel it off and go for normal bike scout trooper and get approval after.



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