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I'm Back! And I'm Flamin' ...

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It's sooo good to be back here with my specops peeps! I missed you guys. So if you don't know me which you probably don't I did two Nova troopers back in the day and even got the honor if being the first Elite Nova Specialist and the Elite Nova in the CRL's. My very first 501st costume happened right here in SpecOps and even though I've done a half dozen others since then, my heart has always belonged here. This forum community has a special sort of camaraderie that I have never seen anywhere else in the 501st.


OK all tears and handshakes aside this thread is being set aside for my next project TFA Flametrooper. I had no idea SpecOps would be getting the flametrooper over the other attachments but the second I saw it I knew I had to build it. The fact that it is part of this det only makes the pot sweeter. I will update when I get something going but until then I'm just glad to be an active part of this awesome community once again!

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Welcome back! Your nova work was inspirational to me in my early days. Several of us are working on flamey, but none of us is close yet. Check out what we have going on, feel free to contribute, and maybe you'll be the first.

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Welcome back brother! So good to see you. My wife still has your wife's early mando armor. Your builds and costumes are always detailed and sweet. Man, it's been a while and look forward to seeing what you do next!

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Good to see you Jim, That's awesome the original held up so long!! I might slip on over to update that thread. Got some new stuff on her kit and one of my own now :)

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