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Armor Trimming Question

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Hi everyone!


I've had my BBB for awhile now and finally have the time and additional money to get started on putting this bad girl together. At the time I bought my armor I was what I considered overweight and kept hearing about armor for "larger" troopers so I went that route thinking I could trim down if I needed to. Turns out I didn't research enough and "larger" means taller.. I'm 5'4. But that's okay, I figure this armor will be just be a wee bit more of labor of love than I was anticipating. The helmet is totally intimidating me so I decided to start with the chest piece and arms and I ran into an immediate concern. How much do I have to worry about trimming down until I've trimmed too much for approval? So far the chest and back won't seem to need too much but the shoulder bells are huge and the outer forearms have those dimples (sorry, I have no idea what they're called) along the outer edge. If I end up trimming down 1 or 2 am I eliminating my suit from being approvable? I'm worried that if certain pieces don't remain exactly proportional to other pieces I've wrecked it. Help! I tried digging through other sites and message boards but everyone seems to be all about the Anovos kits right now lol


Thanks in advance!

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Hey Amanda. Fear not. You can trim quite a bit actually. The forearms can be trimmed-down considerably. It is more important that they fit your arms well than contain a certain number of dimples. The chest can be trimmed quite a bit too. Also, the way that you strap the chest to the back can impact that. Shorten the distance between the two, and that will move your chest plate up. Deathmos30 is rather small and did some good work with her magma, so search for her build thread.


Pandatrooper over at FISD has a nice tutorial for trimming-down a large suit to fit a small frame. Check that out as well.

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