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First time builder helmet questions

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Just got my kit in a week back and started work on it now. Starting with the helmet so I can finish a piece to show off sooner :)


When I tried to clamp the front and back together tho there appears to be more of a gap then some of the helmet builds I have watched. I'm wondering if this is an issue or if when screwed together it will be fine.


Here are 3 photos of helm


On a non-helmet related question... is there any particular reason not to glue connecting chest/back straps together? Not to use the screw on strapping system I have seen around.

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For the chest to back, the biggest reason is storage. If the ront is permanently connected to the back, you cant confense as much. Dossnt mean it cant be done and zi have no problem storing my scout this way, but the fact rhat my shadow stormtrooper back plate separates from the front gives me extra space in my case.

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I mean to have snaps connecting front to back, I more meant the straps keeping the 2 (3) front segments together and 3 back segments together. Main videos I have seen bolt in brackets and then glue straps to the brackets. Why do that when you could just glue the straps to the armor?

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