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AM Trooper Helmet

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Hey guys, can i ask if the AM trooper helmet is actually acceptable for clearance?


Ive been informed that this isnt the case with it being a three part helmet rather than a two part. (That would be the UKG requirements anyway)


If not, any recommendations for a replacement helmet that will match with the AM ABS armour


Thanks in advance

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I've been told it's not approvable for the UKG because it's a 3 piece helmet. The armourer was very sympathetic about it but unfortunately that means I won't be able to go for 501st clearance with my Shadow. It's irritated me a bit though, two piece helmets I can understand for regular TKs as that's how the screen used helmets where made but Shadow Trooper helmets are expanded universe and there's no 'screen accurate' definition of how many pieces the helmet kit should consist off

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It is approvable per the crl's which rule the standards. Detachment set specialist requirements, so if they exist, they are not set by the garrison. You can use the AM bucket. I'd ask the GML to confirm where that requirement is stated in the crl or where the LMO has indicated it is not allowed. Barring that, they cant deny your approval on the basis of a made-up garrison rule.

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Well, the UKG have only recently appointed an armourer for Shadow Troopers, I presume they don't get many applications for them and I'm guessing the TK crl's are now being applied to the Shadow. Obviously I'm a bit dissapointed as I thought I'd done my research right and made sure I got an armour set that was approvable/reputable. Not looking to make a fuss though so I'll probably just get a new helmet when I have some funds spare. Hopefully this info will help any future UK based Shadows

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Or, how would one prove it was 2 or 3 piece, if built correctly? You could always fill the seams, and make it appear like a 2 piece helmet on the outside. But, I'm not a fan of the AM helmet and would recommend the Arakyel helmet from a member of Spec Ops. :)


I still feel the 2 vs 3 is way overly picky and could be modified to look the part if you were so inclined. ;)


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Well the guys over in the UKG have been nothing but helpful, just wish id known about this 3 part not being allowed thing as i like my AM lid haha, oh well, live and learn. Gives me an excuse to add another helmet to the collection i suppose, any recommendations on a helmet that will match the colour of the AM suit? Personally i think the ABS has a deep creamy look to it so hopefully something along those lines

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