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Shadow Scout Bazooka

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Teach me ...

That second image (which immediately follows the first, being the same troops) looks like Shadow Scout (black Scout) armour.

What am I not seeing?


The WEG images have leg armour & forearm armour. The above dont seem to have what isn't intended to be SS kit.

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The Shadow Scout (like mine below), is an all black version of the classic white Scout as seen in ROTJ. The Storm Commando has different bicep armor, snout, boots, belt boxes, etc. And, carries different weaponry. Chef may chime in with more history and detail, but as of this date nobody has done a true Storm Commando. I say go for it man, be the first! :)




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Also, those very 2 images are in the forum reference picts stickies:


I'd like to do the Storm Commando in the WEG image(s), after I get the 181st & S Scout approved.

Reserve Pilot just needs light & someone here to take pictures at the same time to get images to submit.

2 versions of the Imp Crew (bridge) will follow shortly (ANH & ROTJ-> same as RP). I have the needed xtools on the way.

The 181st is just weeks away (need weather - heat w/o rain) to competion.

The Shadow Scout needs lots of sanding, then paint & assembly. It also needs sewing on some parts.


Using the Shadow Scout as a base, I'd love to know what parts need to be unique to the Commando.

Shoulder bells with rounded lower corners

New belt, with boxes & holsters

Thigh armour- Is the TX parts a good basis to mod from or should they be fully new?

Boots: the inages vary widely. Which would be the main image to work from?

I'm assuming there is a discussion on here somewhere ....


While weather wont cooperate to paint, I'm thinking of weapons.

It would be neat to havd the weapon in those images.


I'm thinking PVC tube, polystyrene strips from a hobby shop for the ribs. (or rubber, if I can get appropriate strips).

An airsoft pistol should be able to provide the grip, grafted into the main tube.

For those who have built blasters before, is that a good starting point?



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I have this Storm Commando statue (an awesome gift from the Detachment). Note the E-11. The reference pics you mentioned are all we really had on this guy. In the end, we decided to do a "realistic" version, based on the classic white scout. And, when or if someone wanted to do the comic or statue version, awesome. It only requires someone with the drive to do it and create the character and CRL. So if you want it, go for it! We are all behind you and it will be the first.

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I'm confused.. everything I've ever read on this subject has them as 1 and the same as does the Wookiepedia entry on them/us... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Storm_commandos


"The storm commandos, also known as Imperial commandos or shadow scouts, were the Special forces of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. One task for storm commandos was to instigate uprisings on enemy systems or to subdue insurrections on Imperial-held worlds. They also served as second-wave attackers in the battlefield, tasked with holding territory won by the first wave."

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They are essentially the same thing.


Obviously being 'Expanded Universe', the various different artists and stuff each had their own little take on things and the design was subtly altered. Even amongst the same artist you can see little differences where they have 'skimped' on the details. It's always going to happen unfortunately.


The whole 'shadow scout' - 'storm commando' thing seems to have probably been a 501st created monster. Technically they are 'Storm Commandos' as per all the source material that gives them their proper designations.

Somewhere along the line, the propensity to call every armour set that is black "shadow-something" has stuck and they've been called shadow scouts.


I could get in my cups about it as I usually do, but I haven't had a cup of tea yet so it probably doesn't pay to get me stressed up about it so early in the morning.

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