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I've started my homework on some of the essentials awaiting the arrival of my TX from Anovos.


I've run into a bit of a snag when it comes to boots and wonder what everyone else's opinions are. A lot of links I come across are broken so I started off by just emailing the two most recommended websites imperialboots.com & tkboots.com


A few things of note first. I'm pretty particular when it comes to footwear. I've been spoiled by free returns and such and in any case I prefer the classic way of shopping for shoes since I can get a feel for the shoe right away. Neither of these sites offer free returns which I'll explain in further detail below.


I checked with IB first since I couldn't find anything on TKB.

Although the BlackOps boots http://www.imperialb...oduct/blackops/ are "based on their 421 (TK) model" they are considered a special order item. Therefore they're not returnable since they are custom made. They do have good instructions on how to order your boots and they state in the FAQ's that if there's a problem with your order, contact them to resolve it. Not entirely sure what that entails, but I'm an optimist. They do also point out that they run narrow so order one size above your size. I'm sure since these are tailor made those details will be hashed out once you place the order.


As for TKB, they don't offer a TX black boot, only a TK white boot. I looked into it because a few people said to just dye them. I don't know how well black would dye over white since I've only seen it done on brown shoes. They don't offer half sizes and if you need to exchange them, you may only get a refund since another size may not be available until the next run. They may also be able to put you in touch with another buyer. In any case I wrote to them just to make sure they didn't offer them on the back end somewhere. Their response was to just "do a search for 'United Kingdom black leather chelsea boots' and you have thousands of options from a variety of locations." I don't live in the UK, but I did a search for them and they're completely right, lot's of options. They also have a section with videos on how to stretch out your boots if they're running just a bit too snug.


Depending on where you live, either option will definitely run you between ~$100 to ~$140. Small price to pay for good leather boots, but I'm really jittery about dropping that much on something that might tear up my feet.


Any comments, suggestions and discussions are welcome. Thanks!

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Chris, sorry it's taken so long to get to your post.


Instead of dying, I think you would be stuck painting. People have done this the other direction for ages (from black to white). It can absolutely work, but will require touch-up from time to time.


If you want a cheap option, just to give it a go, the ebay list here would fit the bill for approval.

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Absolutely not necessary to apologize. Us newbs can be very trying and it's definitely hard to keep track of us all. I'd rather not have to deal with the painting shoes. It's hard enough walking around without a bucket on and not bumping into anything. Does anybody else already have those? I don't want to deal with mangled feet after a long troop.

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Sounds like Allan is going to give them a go. For the money, they might be worth the buy and try, but if you are really worried about it, we know the whites work well and are comfortable. The next step would be to hit up every boot/shoe store in you area and hope to get lucky.

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What are the loops on the front for BTW?


the loops in front are used to help pull the boots on, just like the loop in the rear. You pull them both. I am a New Jersey newbie also.

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