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TX - Char's Build

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Hey everyone! Since my armor just got in, I will do my best to post as many pictures and videos as possible to show progress and help any other super new person as I can. I will even list out tips/tricks I have found.


Step 1: Prepping for your armor.


I HIGHLY recommend buying all your tools and supplies prior to your armor arriving. Otherwise, you are super excited for your armor and cannot do anything with it. ALSO, AMAZON PRIME IS YOUR FRIEND. Luckily, I am over prepared and bought the following supplies.... (Ill add pricing so people can know what my build ran to get an idea)


1.) 1 inch Black Elastic on Amazon - $3.49 each (I bought 3)

2.) Heavy Duty Black Snaps and Snap Fastener Pliers - $20

3.) E6000 Craft Adhesive 3.7oz - $7

4.) Clamp Assortments - $12

5.) 1 inch Black Industrial Velcro 10 ft. - $12 ( I bought 2)

6.) Google Mirror Replacement Lens - $5-$30 depending where you find this.

7.) Compression Shirt - $8

8.) Compression Pants - $11

9.) Fake e-11 prop for photos -$14 (this is not mandatory, I am just cheap and wanted a prop)

10.) Helmet bag - $15 -$20 depending where you find this

11.) 50 ft. Extension cord - $12 (This is helpful if you are attending armor parties, or live in an apt and need to work outside)

12.) Stainless Steel Ruler with cork back - $4

13.) 1 inch Black Nylon 10 yards -$4

14.) Variety Pack of sandpaper -$7

15.) Supplies for neck seal - $5 -$50 (Depends if you can make your own or not)

16.) CA Glue - $10

17.) Plastic Cutting Scissors- $10

18.) Exacto Knife - $5

19.) Magnets- $15

20.) Blue Painters Tape- $8


Total for supplies: $187.49 - $265.49


Then I had to buy additional items that do not come with my kit or tools so I could properly cut/trim my armor


1.) Holster - $20-$75 (depends where you purchase or make)

2.) 50 Gallon Mobile Chest to store and transport armor - $65

3.) Dremel- $50-$70

4.) Dremel Accessories - $25

5.) Fabric/materials to assemble how the armor hangs on to your upper body/ thighs - $10-$60 (depends if you make it or buy it)

6.) Boots - $40 - $100 (Depends where you can find them)

7.) Nomex Gloves - $10-$30 (Depends where you can find them)


Total for additional armor support and tools: $220 - $425


So far a grand total of $384.49 - $652.49 can be reached just for supplies if you are starting from scratch.




Step 2: Armor!


When your brown box arrives do a little dance. Take a ton of pictures and get your mind right for trimming. Don't be afraid to cut before you can get to an armor party. I was but when you get your kit its pretty obvious where you can cut most extra material off so do that to prep. If you are really worried wait till an armor party or someone can walk you through it.


Lay out all your armor tackle it in sections.






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What a great way to start a build thread. Keep it coming and have fun.

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