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ROTJ Shadowtrooper - SW Battlefront (2015)

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Has anyone thought about building one of these guys? It's not financially possible for me to start a new one right now, but I have a couple friends who are interested in getting my help with a build - and I'd like to steer them towards this one.






I can capture some screenshots later.

This trooper looks to be mostly ROTJ, including the helmet. Note the blue tube stripes, black jump pack, silver bubble lenses, Imperial cog decal on the chest plate, and a ridge around the torso armor.

If it's structurally identical to the Battlefront Shock Trooper, which I have thoroughly researched, the thermal detonator should be ANH, and the shoulder bells should also be closer to ANH.


I would love to see a CRL for this, and I would be happy to write a draft and get reference pictures. ROTJ armor is really cool, and much easier to assemble vs ANH, and I would love to see more folks doing these new Battlefront troopers.



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There has been some debate as to whether or not this should be a variant or a separate costume. Personally I think there are enough differences to warrant a new costume.


I think the helmet is more ANH-style and think the bells look ROTJ. What are you seeing that makes them the opposite Mike?

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First of all, we know that DICE had access to a 3D scan of a ROTJ costume. In the Shadow helmet, I see bubble lenses, and really thin ears without screws. The faceplate doesn't look as wide as an ANH (seems more squished), which is characteristic of ROTJ helmets. It's safe for me to assume that it's just a re-skin of the other Battlefront troopers - I doubt they would go to much lengths to change the shapes and dimensions of the Shadow helmet.

The same goes for the Battlefront Sandtrooper. Many people think it's an ANH helmet, but it looks to me like a ROTJ that was painted up as an ANH.


ROTJ shoulder bells have a bit of a pinch at the top. I'm not seeing it on any of the Battlefront troopers.

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Is the backpack a standard part of the costume in the game?

Playing as a Shadow Trooper, you have the option to pick the jump pack as one of your perks. A lot of people prefer the personal shield. So it should be an optional accessory I think


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On the 501st Dutch Garrison forum (the Garrison I am in), I already posted a while back that I wanted to create this. Talked with my GML about it to make it approvable. He didn't see any problems with it, but he first needed detailed frontal, side, back and close up shots of the model, so he can pas it trough to the big chiefs of the 501st. I am busy with attaining these images. If I know anything more I'll definitely post it here as well!

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From what I have gathered so far... there are way more differences then just a black version of the ROTJ armor... I'll update hopefully soon what exactly is different...

But it seems like the developers of the game made their own version comprised out of Sand Troopers en ROTJ armor... Again, I'll come back once I know more and make an exact list.

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There are definitely differences, but what ive noticed so far are all mostly existing parts (even if from random sources). It probably wont support its own costume, but a variant of the existing - we'll approach that when the time comes. I look forward to reading your review.

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IMHO it is a new costume. If FISD has separate costumes for ROTJ TKs vs ANH, then this warrants it as well as the differences are significant.

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IMHO it is a new costume. If FISD has separate costumes for ROTJ TKs vs ANH, then this warrants it as well as the differences are significant.


I agree with Toddo... Again, I'll be back with the exact differences. I intend to make this costume reality!

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