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MP40 or H&K MP5 based Blasters

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I have gotten several airsoft items over the last year-ish. I'm going to try some customs, with the purpose of learning techniques & skills before trying to build more "canon" blasters and detonators from the films & EU.


With my particular interest in Spec Ops, I'm looking to build blasters based on an MP5 (one of the most common modern spec ops guns in the world) from a metal airsoft I've picked up (one with a broken removable silencer).

Also, as it was in many ways the precurser of the MP5, plus in the spirit of the WW2 (& German in particular) based Imperial blasters .... I've gotten a plastic MP40 to play with. I'm using the cheap Double Eagle base, with the track on top for a scope.


As far as I've found yet, these didn't appear in any canon or EU sources. Is that correct? If not, what did they become?


I'd love any recommendations on precisely HOW to make the conversion of the particular pieces. I want to make them as "accurate" (& in the SW spirit) as I can.

Any recommendations or advise are welcome & appreciated.

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My present MP40 plan:

Replace barrel tip (part in front of hexed cap) with appropriate sized PVC flared end of pipe (only a few inches long)

Remove clip & cap hole (make look like intentional)

Scope on top track (similar in style to Boba's EE-3, from one of the lots I got), big end toward handle

Put an extra mini-track I have, removed from another airsoft (fits holes on right side of clip holder). Put flashlight attachment (backwards), with end set to look like sensor.

The hand fits around the clip base (with the flashlight reversed) well.


What kind of greeblies should I add? Where?


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Looks exactly like this one



Has "silencer" like:



Real world examples:






The MP5 is probably the most common spec ops weapon worldwide, with only the M-16/AR-15 & AK-47 variants in the running.

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On the MP40, I discovered that one size PVC pipe fits tightly over the screw-on cap's (the hexed cap at the base of the skinny barrel) threaded base. So, I am planning 3 interchangable barrels:

Original barrel, mod based on DL-44 (Mauser)

Barrel length based on MP5-smooth finished, with detailed tip

24 inch barrel, based on one used in other long-barreled blasters (with holes)


That should get me experience in several styles ....



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Is there any image resource for original props & what was done to them?

I know some, but would like to see more details of the "real thing" ....

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Hows your MP-40 rebuild going? I have an old "blank" firing MP-40 kit I bought when I was a kid. And I never had the heart to get rid of it. So this could be a rebuild I would be interested in. I also have a de-milled 1911 that I've been thinking of re-modeling

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