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Novatrooper Sentinel WIP

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A good friend of mine wants my help building her a trooper. We decided to go with the Nova Sentinel.

The thing is, we're not building from a kit because we're poor and we want to stretch our creativity. We're using plastic sheets and plastic trash bins. For the smaller detail pieces like the abdomen plate button panels, knee ammo, and shoulder straps, we're just going to get those from ATA.


We want to use a heat gun to shape the plastic into the iconic Stormtrooper look. We aren't going for 501st with it, but we want to get as close as we can to making it look right. I was thinking of heating the plastic, then pressing flat objects against it to create the raised areas. She has another method in mind but I can't wrap my brain around it.


I have a spare ammo belt and a set of handplates so we don't have to worry about forming those. I found my old eFX helmet and have given it a new set of earcaps and a paintjob so that takes care of what would have been the hardest part.


Our goal is to have her in a finished suit in time for this summer, so we can troop together at all the conventions. If this is a crazy idea, convince me to stop now before we get too invested in it. Otherwise, I'd love to hear suggestions on how I should go about this!

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If wonder why you wouldn't want to go full bore with 501st approval if you are eseentially putting your friend 85% there anyway. Id also talk it over with your CO becauae it can get awkward if you are going to a convention and 'trooping' officially, but your bringing in someone that isnt approved. Just might be a good conversation to have. This is just me speaking, but id rather find someone with some cheap B pulls rhat could be fixed than the work you are talking about putting in. Sounds like you already have some legitimate psrts to use. For those you dont, I'd consider hitting up Scootch on these boards.

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Thank you for the advice Steve! I'll make this thread my official WIP.


Living in Maine, the conventions here are always small and almost never have an official 501st presence. We'd just be doing our own thing with our costumes in no official capacity. I've already posted on the NEG boards about what I'm planning, and I will be keeping them posted.


I suppose 501st approval can be a goal we set for it, but we won't be disappointed if we can't make it with the budget we have. I'll check with Walt and Scootch for parts.

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Got the helmet pretty much done. The paint job is a little rough in a couple spots, but this will work for now.

This is my first helmet, an eFX, that was re-worked pretty extensively. The ears are from a different maker, and the teeth area was cut out and resculpted. Once we have the funds, we'll get a CAP-W and paint it up.



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