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pauldron question

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In the topics above I looked into etsy pauldeon and the one on eBay. Despite price and etsy being a bit larger at 21.5" to 19.5 on ebay which one is the better and more recommended?

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A related question about pauldrons...do the colors signify anything in particular, or is it personal choice? Also, I see some do some form of accent color on the armor, matching that of the chosen pauldron color. Is that a necessity, or again, personal preference?

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Then black it is. ;) Thank you.



BTW, back on the pauldron above...that Etsy one kind of looks floppy, and not overly rigid, especially when compared to, say, what Trooperbay offers. Being new to this all, I don't discount my naivety when it comes to this. So, am I wrong in this observation?

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That etsy seller also sells on eBay. I have a black one from her and use it for my Gunner. It's decent for the price, but not as nice as the one offered by Trooperbay and others. But, It will get the job done.

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I just got this one from a fellow who makes them in Ottawa. He did a pretty decent job and I asked for no padding except for the top shoulder and it's very thin flexible and easy to put on. But he can pad them up if you want as well. I can pass on his info.


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Bill, that doesn't look bad at all, good to know there is someone local. I do prefer the trooper1 (MEPD) pauldrons my self, have one of each (Orange, White and Black) :thumbsup:


Not sure if the puffy detail is an issue with spec ops or not..

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