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Laundering Flight Suit?

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Hey all...so after several troops here in sunny Florida where sweat abounds, I would like to figure out how I'm supposed to launder these softgoods to avoid man-stench. Any ideas?


Took the flight suit to the top laundromat in my city and they said they couldn't do it because of the suede flap and patches.


How about the vest and cummberbund?


Tips appreciated. THANKS!!!

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Do you use the dryer or just line dry?


I'm thinking line dry...less chance of color fade...cold water right?


And the suede has no problem in a normal wash? That seemed to be the drycleaners major issue...the suede shrinking or getting destroyed. They wouldn't take it because of that.


You also run the vest and bund through the wash?

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Yeah, cool/cold/hand wash, line dry. If it's not too harsh, then the suede/leather will hold up fine. Eventually it will 'grey' out a bit, but that's not a big problem as it adds to the contrast and the original Bikers were a bit washed out anyway.


The bund for yours is a waterproof fabric, so putting it in the wash is a bit moot. Wipe it down with a soapy sponge.


Vest, in the wash with everything else.

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