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The Chief's WTF Magma Build

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Just received my BBB from WTF (Walt's Trooper Factory). Just wanted to post this so I can see how long it actually takes me to get this built after I finish my Anovos TK. Will set up WIP photos as I go. Just starting the Bucket while my glue dries on the TK. Wish me luck!

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I think you'll have more luck with displaying your photos by simply pasting the IMG code here for each photo you want to share. You have a photobucket account, so this is easy. Your photos will display nicely, and inside your thread. I bet you'll get more of a response that way too Joe.

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Looking good! Nice job on the vocoder too. I struggled with that for a long time until I started using a round-tipped brush. Looks like the ear painting is well-done too, but I always find some surprises when I lift the tape. Hopefully you didn't.

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It's hard to tell in the photos, but it looks like your biceps are closed using overlap method whereas the thighs are butt-joined. Is that correct?

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Looks perfect Joe. Well-done.

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