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Belt Repair

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Hey all...need suggestions on repairing a pretty bad crack in my belt. No pics because Ive tied to fix it and need it to survive some troops this weekend. Ive tried bondo, putty, e6000, CA. Let all sit enough as well. Nothing keeps the crack sealed. Crack sits at top of the belt at the seam of the buckle box and runs down the seam to just under the buckle. Help!!! Lol

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Post up a pic when you can and let's see what's up. You might be able to repair it with black ABS cement, but it all depends on the crack. Depending on how bad it is, you might need to pick up a new one from SC or another source.

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You can make it by grinding up some spare ABS and mixing it with Acetone. It's fairly easy but you need to get the right amounts. Or, just go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up some black ABS cement in the plumbing section. It's not as good but works just the same.

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Ya, a paste usually will let you finish it off better than abls cement. Ive only ever had to do this once, but when I did, I used both. I filled in a crack with paste and applied a layer to the back. I then applied abs cement to the back with another cover strip to firm it up.

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I'd also pay attention to how you are trying to bond it back. What I mean by that is usually get a crack because you have a major stress point, so if you just put the armor back where it was before the crack, it will likely just crack again. If you can leave a little gap you will fill and refinish to the spot, there will be less stress on it. If the belt overall still looks the same, then it won't be a problem for how the armor looks. Hope I am explaining this well enough.

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The ABS cement worked pretty good (so far). Found some black Oatey cement. It's holding up much better than the bondo, CA, e6000 or anything else I tried did. Now to see how it holds up in trooping. Thanks for the suggestion squad!!!

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I'm horrible at that....even with my own family lol. I'll take a pic today since I need to apply the paint...I think it looks a tad rough but it'll get me through till my new one comes in.

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