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Nick Havard - FlameTrooper - Many Questions for Build

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Hi Guys,


I'm looking to build a flametrooper backpack and rifle capable of shooting water.


Last year I build some electric water guns for the kids, and it would seem modelling the backpacks on a flametrooper design would be a great thing to do. The pump and electrics are pretty reasonable at throwing water 4 to 5m.

A short video showing my water guns can be found here.




My approach to building the backpack is outlined below. See diagram for reference points.


A - To use 150mm (6inch) plastic tubes. These will act as water tanks.

B - To build fibreglass domes to fit on the end of the tubes since I cannot find anything remotely suitable.

C - To use 100mm (4inch) plastic tubes. This is intended to be decorative possibly containing the electrics, battery and water pump.

D - To use MDF and fibreglass

E - Probably copper tubing, but still figuring this out.

F - Probably MDF and fibreglass. May put battery in this if I get one suitably sized.




My initial questions and issues to resolve are:

1 - Dimensions of part D. I'm struggling to work out the appropriate lengths and angles. Does anyone have a plan view of part D with the sizing already worked out.

2 - Front of the backpack and attachment to the trooper. There are no obvious straps like a rucksack, so how is this "attached" to the trooper? This is probably the biggest issue as once parts A are filled with water this could be quite heavy and will need to be supported appropriately



Please let me know your thoughts.





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I think this is a stellar idea, but as you mentioned it would be quite heavy with an already heavy pack supporting the water weight as well. There are theories of pack attachment on the boards here, and I'm curious to see what your take is on them.

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I think my most likely approach will be to modify a climbing harness which would be worn under the armour. Until I get the tank built and get a feel for its weight its difficult to know how much support is needed.

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The pump and the battery are not especially heavy and can be moved to the rifle if necessary. The bulk of the weight will be in the water since I estimate that the two tanks will hold about 8 liters each. So that gives about 16Kg (34lbs) of weight in the water. The weight of the backpack will be interesting, but I don't think it will be too heavy, and it doesn't need to be filled right up each time.


The pumps push out around 4 liters a minute if run constantly; more than enough to give the kids a good soaking from a distance. :) So the water weight will soon disappear. In reality you only have to burst the pump to shoot water a fair distance so it won't be run constantly.

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