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Boot Repair

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So I did a bunch of troops...several outdoors in the Florida heat...and it looks like the glue couldn't keep up w/ my activity. Check out the pics below. I tried regluing w/ black e6000 but couldn't get the clamps to hold. Any idea on how to fix these? Is that gap a natural occurrence and nothing to worry about or would I need to peel that strip off altogether and reattach? Thanks for the input to this noob as always!





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You could always remove it, clean it and re-attach, but honestly that gap isn't going to be noticed by anyone but you. It's hard to re-secure it after the excess is cut.

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I use push pins to hold the strip in place whilst gluing, and possibly some tape across the join just incase.



(if you need vinyl, when I send Avner's gear over, remind me and I'll shove some in the box for you).

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