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Question about the shadow trooper CRL

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I am coming from the world of the white TK's and was wondering how come on the CRL's for the spec ops costumes, more specifically the shadow trooper it doesn't have the specialist requirements listed like for the EIB and centurion for the TK's?


I feel more people might try to achieve specialist if it was listed there and not buried on the forums here. Just thinking out loud.



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I can expand too. There isnt necessarily a 'more accurate' for the shadow stormtrooper. Its comic-based. We aim to be inclusive and we specifically stick to our base requirements as the standard for new members. There arent movie scenes to point at to find those particular one-offs. As a detachment, we look more at the intention. Specialist is there for those that want to pursue it.

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I guess we are Tony haha


I was just figuring more people might see it if it was listed with the main CRL page. I didn't realize there were specialist standards until I really started digging through the forums here. It also might be because I usually am only on the Tapatalk app and not the web.


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The 501st CRL for the FISD is very comprehensive mainly due to the armor being screen used. As Steve mentioned the Shadowtrooper is based off the the comic series so standards aren't as stringent. It's the same for other comic or game based characters. In my opinion the "Specialist" level is a nice addition as it brings non-screen armor to a higher standard.

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