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Tasmanian Swampy

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It looks good to me Scott. I especially enjoy the coloring on the boots.

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I'd drop the belt down so it covers the join between your bund and flight suit, and the crotch/bund join.


Re-route the strapping on the rear drop box straps so the buckles are visible, rather than the strap going outermost.


Add in the extra stripes on the tank, just because the indents are there, no other reason.


Change the bicep webbing for 38mm, rather than 25 which is what I think it is now...


Just nudge the bicep armour up a touch, so it abuts the bottoms of the flak vest sleeves.


Just watch the closure on the bund at the back, make sure it's velcro'd straight, there's a tiny bit of misalignment right under the tank (Ultra critical I know... but hey I've got to find something!)



They are all very minor points in what is otherwise a stunning looking build.


Awesome job dude.

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Thanks guys. Do you think I should darken the grey area of the crotch? I can't hide anything from you Rob. Yes the strapping is 25mm. I'll change it to 38 as I would like to go for specialist. Any comments on weathering? Should there be more? :)

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It might pay to darken it down a bit... but nothing more than a slight bit of weathering I would imagine.


The rest of the weathering looks good. I'd probably leave it as is.

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On the gray, I would darken both the cod and the knees. They are almost white, at least in the pictures. For weathering, I am good with it as is. You could go the more sandy style which is a little more realistic looking, but this is definitely approvable. For consistency, it would be nice if the cummerbund had a little weather as well, but not the end of the world. One pouch doesn't look like it is closed correctly. It looks like it would close correctly but not sure if that was just misaligned after it was opened last or if pouch closure is off.

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Thanks Steve,


The crotch area and knees have been darkened to match each other and I have cut better foam for the pouches and will weather them tomorrow. The cummerbund will also be weathered.

I have also attached rare earth magnets to pouches so they close correctly. Hopefully re submit photos again on Friday.

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