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General Weir's bandolier assembly

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I'm upgrading my Shadow Scout kit to General Weir's 😀 just wondering if this is the right way to make the bandolier?


Based on the CRL we need to rivet the blue arrows right? And the black/orange arrows are using buckle?


The parts are home made using wood 😀









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yeah, crossed at the front, straight down at the back.


try to make them vertical down the back, so sew them in at the same distance width wise as the shoulder bridges on the armour.


Your suggestion of adding in some velcro or fastening system here is spot on... Well worth doing.


I'd be tempted to sew in a length of black velcro that can be just wrapped round and stuck on itself.

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Noted and thanks again Chef!


For the back it should fall down vertically if i stick it with velcro where the blue arrows are i hope. Will do the velcro first then before i stick the wood parts.


Tried to secure the wood parts with rivets just like you suggested and it worked really well!



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4 hours ago, Quismaster said:

If i may ask, where did you get those boxes for the Bandolier? 

Kevin might not be readily available...but he purchased from Chef's Creations I believe.  HOWEVER...we are reworking the CRL for an update and Kevin has actually done a more accurate 3D model.  Hopefully he will make that available once we can get his pictures taken and the CRL updated.

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