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WTF magma build, first timer

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My name is Kyle, currently stationed in Colorado Springs, CO. (Mountain garrison). I am working on my first build, decided to go magma because, why not. Been doing a lot of work the last few weeks on it, and am coming along nicely I think. Here are a few pics of what I have so far.18e03849da03130fade6284ead839d32.jpg4fd7819d3af60541efa474f0bb28cab3.jpg280c1048e6d90d1e63a0802ec89f9f38.jpg845fac74f3b6442fa54496367dd6205a.jpg95ec7b30dbe70c1243ae0e20dd24a647.jpg69ec099fdf6564cfbc5099d4e06bf826.jpg3e266b4320927be6055d3dce7db4021c.jpgb25ca7a6169d8f57cb77b92e980203f1.jpg



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The big benefit there is hands-on help through armor parties that garrisons often through. Bring your armor and you can work on it in person with others. The Magma is close enough to a standard TK that most troopers at an armor party would be able to assist. We will, of course, help out here as well as you have questions along the way and I look forward to more progress pics as you go along.

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I think the pajama pants should be approvable as well :P

Do keep in mind the shins need to go over the boots so dont make them too tight otherwise they wont close and you will end up making a new cover strip.

I did the same thing when i was building for the first time, looking good though :D

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