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Badmoon's Flametrooper build

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Hello folks,

This thread is a way for me to document my TFA Flame trooper build. As I go along I will be editing this post to hopefully help anyone else that is trying to set up one of these builds themselves.


Helmet - Skygunbros Completed minus fans


Armor - KB (WIP)


Flamethrower - Merritt resin cast complete (looking for a 3dprint due to weight)


Fuel tanks = MLCFiberglass out of the Philippines


Boots = Imperial boots


Gloves = Imperial boots


Seals = ordered Guzman seals


Pouch = PB's pouch


Undersuit = Under armor, also using a tactical gun harness to help attach the fuel tanks and the armor


Hose = Electriduct 5 ft length 2 in wide



Updates as changes...

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I recommend uploading them to Photobucket. Once there you just have to copy and paste the IMG code for each photo directly into your thread and Robert is your mother's brother.

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Well done. That ought to make it hold together well.

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