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Possible Reference for my Build

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Im in the process of getting a TX build going. Have the Bucket on the way from WTF.


Check out my inspiration, would love to do this with out the battle damage and a DLT-19 instead of the E11....






















WTF Bucket





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I know you mentioned not doing battle damage, but I wanted to make a note on weathering and then I can speak to your initial request. Weathering is something that crops up every few years. There is no official approval on weathering right now. If someone wanted to push weathering through to match a specific source, it wouldn't outright be shot down, but they (and we) would need to work with the LMO on it and it should be expected that the weathering would need to match the source exactly. To date, no one has followed that through to the end and troopers have for one reason or another decided in the end to take the easier path to approval.


On to your question, if not doing weathering, what specifically are you looking to match in this figure? Most of what I see is pretty spot on to the current CRL. The Silver lens, frown, vocoder combo is approvable. The pouches are not currently approval. The DLT is already an option for the Shadow Stormtrooper, so no problem there. Leave out the pouches and you are essentially creating a standard shadow stormtrooper that won't have any problems being approved.

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Thanks for the input on this & the info regarding the weathering. I might actually do the weathering for specialist, time and patience depending :laugh1: I did weather my TD like 100 times, so this should be easy, just a matter of finding a acrylic paint combo that works on the black abs (greys/silvers).


As for the pouches not being currently accepted, i understand completely. But the look of the pouches on the TX, so finishes the look, Leather MP40s one on left shoulder & both on hips /w the black pauldron, so much awesome. Me being a TD as my first build im partial to pouches...


I think this will be a great build. Thanks again for the input Steve :thumbsup:



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OK, just an update here, Finally finished MEPD SWAT with my TD (1st Canadian YA YA). Now that its over i have discovered i may need larger chest, back and shoulders for specialist (close the chest/back gaps) AM2.0 was still too narrow, RTmod was perfect fit over the AP i was running.


Unfortunately RT doesn't make Black armor, was thinking going WTF and having custom chest and back made.. Since ive been back to the gym ive lost circumference from mid section but gained another half an inch in chest.

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Trooperbay is closed while he's recovering.

Check trooper bay.

I'm not sure the best size or shape to get, hence, I'm cautious about buying of eBay.

But this does help a bit to see what I'm looking for.



Ebay actually http://www.ebay.ca/itm/151794823274 AFX helmet lenses, nice and sturdy..




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Hey Chris, looks like the pictures are not found. any chance can repost / fix? would love to see them and how the WTF Helmet came out.


Also, did you ever go with RTMod for the chest plate etc? did he end up doing black>?

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Hey Chris, looks like the pictures are not found. any chance can repost / fix? would love to see them and how the WTF Helmet came out.


Also, did you ever go with RTMod for the chest plate etc? did he end up doing black>?


Unfortunately my TX project was halted. The WTF bucket was great, sold it to a local member for their FX update.. RT-Mod said they would not offer back, still only option for the bigger troopers is AM 2.0..


Let me see what i can do about getting pics back up.. **Fixed**

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