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AM Shadow Trooper

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Hello all! I've recently decided to make my second armor kit a Shadow Trooper, and I want to go with an AM kit since I'm a bit husky. Apparently with my measurements, I would fit quite well in that kit. Anyway, I've heard rumors that AM is no longer doing TX kit runs. Is this true? I've emailed them, but haven't gotten a response yet. Also, if someone could confirm their email address that would be great, because I was told two different ones and I may have emailed the wrong one.


And also, I'm planning on getting an ATA helmet because I love how they look and feel, but would an ATA helmet on an AM kit be approvable?


Lastly, anybody here have an AM kit? What do you think? I've heard nothing but good things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Brady, funny, i just put my TX, AM armor on the boards. I was gonna put it up here too, and read your post. If your interested, shoot me a pm.


I just saw this Gl with the sale.

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