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Imperial Navy Commando costume WIP

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Greetings, I am currently interested in building my own Imperial Navy Commando costume. I have been reviewing the process made by Wickerman and SteveChewbacca. I have also studied the 501st CRL and reference material. In Wickerman's build and all the reference images, there are thigh ammo pouches; however, in the CRL these are not mentioned and there is no specs on them. What is the concesses on that? Also, in one reference image, the cumberbun section has ribbing on rear as well as the front. FYI, hoping to get a Bucket from Wickerman, if he makes a second run...learned to late about the first three.

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Yes, the thigh patches are mandatory. They are in every reference image in the game & on the figure. They are essentially Shadow Scout cummerbund pouches with the front flap cut down to a rhombus. Happy to field any questions about this costume ;-)

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