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Armor I didn't bring over and why

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Minetroopers: No visual references other than a TK with a mine. We'll leave that to FISD if they want to pursue it. Supposedly their is a text reference that speaks of minetroopers having a different colored armor. I can't find the "official" root source for it though.


Hand of Judgement Stormtroopers: only one visual reference, and they look like TKs with maybe different tube stripes? FISD should probably handle that one as well.


That should be it. I believe everything with full front and back references got their own topics and everything with incomplete references are included here.



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I haven't been able to see the stuff I posted on the Imperial Navy Commando from The Force Unleashed. Is there a reason this was not brought over?


Umm... Because it wasn't given it's own category on the old forums so I forgot? :P I'm just bringing over the Resource Pics, any thing you developed about the armor, feel free to start a new thread over here and transfer the information. We'll give the its own category when it has some solid clear references for people to work from.



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Thanks for doing that. Good thing I kept a local copy of the rest of my work so I can re-post it.


The other boards are also still up until we're sure everything that needs to get over here makes it.



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