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Glossy belt material?

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Greetings All. Just curious on what glossy/shiny Material(s) to use for the Belt?


I have canvas belt material now, but would like to put in the effort to hopefully make Specialist!


Please let me know via this post or by PM.


Thanks a lot.


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What are you building? I am pretty sure a Shadow stormtrooper still uses a canvas/cloth belt under the plastic ammo belt for specialist.


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Sorry, I should have specified. I am building a Shadow Stormtrooper. (AM 2.0 kit with an ATA Bucket)


The CRL for the Legion states, "Belt proper may be made from glossy black ABS or a similar shiny material and must be 3 to 3.5" wide. Black canvas or similar heavy material may also be used." of which material (canvas) I have already purchased from Trooperbay.


From what I have read off posts regarding the "Specialist Program" it has been recommended to have a glossy/shiny belt in place of the dull looking canvas material in order to pull off the over-all glossy look to the kit.


Just looking for suggestions of what material(s) others have used to achieve Specialist.




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I see what you are saying now. If that's the case I think they should update the specialist requirements.



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