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Introduction and question

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Hey guys name is Jason From the Thailand Garrison. Ive had my TX for about a year and well life has been happening so its almost done but I have two question

used e6000 on the sides since im kinda round. Well ive lost some weight and I need to pull the extension off. Is there a trick to it or am I screwed???


Last question what kin of polish do you use to get thse mirror shine?? Mines a bit dull

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Welcome Jason. If you used E6000, then you just need to gently pull the pieces apart. If they are stubborn, try some gentle heat. As far as polishing your armor, you can use Novus. Just rub it on, let it dry a tad, and then buff it off.

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Thanks I don't have a heat gun but ill get a cheap hair dryer (will look strange a bald guy buying a hair dryer) lol and since im in Thailand not sure if they have novus but im going home in September to florida and ill find some.


Thanks. Hopefully I can get this thin finished and get all of my 6 costumes in the works approved

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