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Shadow Trooper Helmet

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Hello All,

I just ordered my first set of armor and I am researching, researching, and researching some more. Does anyone have a resource for Helmet Stencils for painting Stripes? With that question out of the way, what is the standard color for the stripes on a Shadow Trooper? Matte Black or Blue? I have seen both and I prefer the Matte Black, but, I don't wish to offend those hard core Troopers as I wish to assimilate to your standards and not make my own. I would really like to shoot for (EIB) or (Centurion) on my first build, but I will also keep my expectations realistic.

Any and all advice is appreciated in advance...

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First and foremost, Welcome! I'm not sure of any others, but Trooperbay sells stencils. They also sell decals if you're painting skills aren't that great. Depending on what stripes you're referring to, and where you bought them from, they may be included in you're kit. Tube stripes were included with my kit. Also, check the CRLs first. The shadow is only black. Furthermore, SpecOps doesn't have EIB or Centurion. They do have a specialist program though, so look into that if you're looking to achieve a higher level.

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I was referring to the tube stripes. I think I will elect for Spats Chrome paint for the teeth and mirrored from Imperial Supply. I have been researching so much, I have started a small 90 pages of notes which I have collected from this forum as well as FISD to assist I my build. Where would you suggest I look into the Specialist Program to find qualification standards from? The sheer number of forum topics is a bit overwhelming for a beginner such as myself. I am a fabricator/painter, so I have a wealth of tools and a bit of experience with details. However, any assistance and advice is appreciated. If you have any suggestions I welcome it. Thanks.

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Could you point me inthe right direction where i might find the standards and requirements for the aforementioned Specialists Program. I wish for my build to be of the highest quality and standards which I can conceivably do. I just need some direction and instruction in order to build the armor. I have the faith in my abilities as I am a fabricator by trade. I would assume that if I adhere to the Centurion Standards, I would be O.K. with the exception of the colors used within the Spec Ops Community. Am I correct with this assumtion?

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