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Shadow Trooper from Manila

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Hi everyone! I would like to share with everyone the progress of my shadow trooper build. I have almost completed my build and am now in the process of putting it together.


I started with a set of locally made TK armor and accessories from a fellow Star Wars fan by the name of Super Elite Props which include the following:





Since I was building a TX, I had everything primed and painted with automotive urethane paint:




After letting the jet black paint dry for about a week, I began assembling the armor starting with the head:













I then added hovi tip speakers from Hytech Toyz to see if it works...




I wasn't sure if I was doing it wrong but even with an amplifier attached, the speakers' output was barely audible. Oh well, the build continues... :)

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Thanks for the kind words, Sirs. After much browsing on the different types of armor strapping, I decided to go the velcro route. The armor assembly instructions from the Anovos website was a big help in the step-by-step procedure of putting in the straps. Reference threads from whitearmor.net was also a gold mine for information in determining which armor parts go to the left and right sides and how each piece aligns with the others.



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My initial fitting of the entire suit. In my excitement, I have totally forgotten to attach my blaster holster. Any input/comment/suggestion to correct some of the details that I might have missed again would be much appreciated. :)
















Thanks for looking Sirs! :)

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Great first fitting. I think general sizing could be improved on the tube like pieces (forearms, biceps, etc.). Sometimes photos can be deceiving. For instance, perhaps you have Lou Farrigno forearms and they need to be that big to fit :). If not, getting them tightened up a bit more will help your look. Mine are glued and I can barely slide my hand in, but the fit is good. Also, add some foam padding on the inside in the skinnier areas. If you think about it, your wrist is typically skinnier than your forearm so it tilts the armor piece to the common resting spot on your wrist and forearm, which creates an odd angle. Padding just inside rhe wrist will keep it even and not looking off angle. You want the srmor tight enough to still get on, but try to avoid big gaps.

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Question, sirs... is there an official loadout guide for Shadow Stormtroopers? I am planning on adding a black shoulder pauldron and pouches to my suit and I was wondering what is the allowed setup? Are the pouches only on the sides as in the Hot Toys shadow trooper figure or can shoulder pouches be added also as in the 2nd picture?






Would the pouches be dependent on the weapon loadout? I plan on using the DLT-19 heavy blaster as my primary weapon. Thanks guys for your comments! :)

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