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Child's Blackhole/Shadow Troopers Armor

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Hello All,


I just wanted to give everyone here on the forums a heads up about a recent experience with an Armor Maker. Walt's Trooper Factory (WTF). I was browsing his Facebook page and saw an auction for some Youth Shadow Trooper Armor. I jumped in and began bidding. I was the winning bidder at $380.00. Afterwards I was corresponding with him about how to get the Armor paid for and he reminded me it was for a Charity of my choice. So I clarified what charity would be acceptable. I asked if I could donate it to my local church for a Youth Mission Trip. He said, "It was my choice". All I have to say is, "WOW". This guy has a class act operation. I only had to pay for the shipping directly to him. He is Johnny on the spot with answers to questions. He has Facebook live feeds several times a week while he is pulling armor and he answers questions while he is live. He just seems to be a really classy guy and runs a Classy operation. He is one of the only guys out there making quality Armor for kids too.

I just wanted to relay this information to all of you out there.

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