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shadow trooper needing help.......

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Hi guys/gals i despratly need some help with approval on my tx,

i been told i need to lift my backplate as it over hangs my kidney piece i have drawn a line on how much it overhangs i cannot shortern the elastic on shoulders nor take more off the top of shoulders any ideas i am hitting my head against a brick wall atm n its doing my head in......big thanks in advance

Aso said minimal operlap how much of a overlap would be acceptable











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I habe 2 ideas, but don't do the second unless there's no other better solution offered.


1. Drop the kidney/butt plate a bit more. It looks like you could slide it down a little more to cover more of your butt. This would help remove a bit of the overlap of the back plate.


2. If nothing else works, even other suggestions that come in, you may consider trimming some of the top of the kidney. I'm guessing you're a little short for a stormtrooper. Hahahahaha. It's not uncommon for shorter people to have to trim down some of the parts to adjust height.

The catch is that once it's trimmed it's really hard to put it back on. That's why I said only try this if no one else has a better suggestion, or nothing else works.


Otherwise, you look great. It makes me want to jump up and finish mine.


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By dropping it I mean you may have to adjust the strapping to lower it.


But honestly, after seeing how much overlap you have, you may want to consider trimming the kidney plate down. As I said before, a lot of shorter people have to trim some of the plates to adjust to their height. It's not uncommon at all.


JUST remember that whatever you take off you cannot put it back on. So think before you cut it. ;)


cool thanks not sure if I can drop the buttplate at all



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yeah I am just paronoid gonna stuff it up.....been stress bout it so badly...




Maybe sitting too low, looks to overlap the kidney plate too much.

From the CRL:

Back plate contains a "O II" design with little or no overlap of the kidney plate.


Adjust the back plate to sit a bit higher.

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That's a tough one Kerrin, but it can be remedied. First question, what kit is that? There might be a possibility of securing a smaller chest/back. Second, Deathmos30 on the boards here dealt with something similar a few years back as did Pandatrooper over at FISD when he built his oversized armor for his small frame. You might want to explore both of those threads for some good ideas. What you might consider is trimming the neck line and the swoop a bit on your chest. That would allow for it to come up higher and/or the back to raise as well. The plastic shoulder straps don't have to have the boxes at the end, so if you can trim the shoulders on the chest/back at all, it can be done with the plastic straps still looking great.


I'm not sure how much good trimming the kidney will do as the back will still hang pretty close to the detonator unless other changes are made.

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thanks I was not sure u needed the boxes at the end of the straps if I trimmed them off n cut neck line front n back prob would allow me to raise it a fraction n maybe just cut a little off the bottom of the backplate how high am I allowed to put the elastic up I was considering to take the elastic up a fraction thanks again for everyones help :)

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