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BBB has arrived with my shadow trooper

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Ok so my bbb has arrived today. Really impressed with my kit besides the few missing decals and bubble lenses. So i was looking at the helmet do they even put any decals on them besides the tube stripes ? I plan on doing mirror tint lenses when bubble lenses arrive. I like that look alot.


Please post up pics of your helmets so i can see what others did. Ill try posting updates on the build.

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My recommendation is the only decals on the bucket are the tube stripes. The most common combos are either black all around (black vodocer, frown, and lesnses) or silver all around (same as above). As for the traps, you can leave them gloss or go with a matte black paint.

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I really like the way this is painted. " link below" Lenses and frown silver. and vocoder black, is that exceptable ? If so than all i need to do is paint the tube stipes on? My kit didnt come with tube stripes. would this be ok for the specialist program as well?




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if i go with the above design. Im thinking painting the tube stripes matte black. do i need to paint anything else on the helmet like the traps or tears?

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I know what a BBB is, I was asking if it was from WTF, or somewhere else? Anovos is rumored to be pre-shipping right now, so checking...


Sorry i didnt know there was wtf. the maker of my kit is Far Away Creations. Very nice kit. A blind mind man could see the trim lines.

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Looking for an S neck trim. Normally order things from trooperbay but has been closed for awhile now. Anyone know where i can get one? i dont like the one the kit came with.

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...the maker of my kit is Far Away Creations. Very nice kit. A blind mind man could see the trim lines.

Ah, cool. I'm unfamiliar with that vendor (though that's not really saying much, as I still feel pretty green. ;)). Hope your build goes well for you, and looking forward to seeing it.

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So i did little work today. I did my flat lenses. I used mirror tint. They didnt come out bad but a few minnor flaws in tint/ lens. Im just using the flat lenses for now till my bubble lenses come in.


ill grab pics from the other day and post.



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So i had some fun in the sun with the bucket today. got some work done on the kit today but had to cool off






Yes i know the mics, ears, and the mesh are not installed on the bucket in the pics but they are on now. hope tomaro is another successful day of working on kits.

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Mostly concerned looking at the helmet the left ear. When up close with the little gap we have you can see where the 2 pieces meet. Just wanted to see peoples thoughts good, bad, Ill take all critiques. Im trying to go for specialists. I know at the moment we only have the 2 holes drilled. i need the hole below rank bar to be drilled.




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Ok so i got some work done today. Hopefully its fully completed by this sunday is my goal and its do able. Sorry if the pics arent in order as we did things.


no gap to minimal gap on butt and kidney plate:




Notch on left side i will cut out later




right side of notch i need to cut out




ammo belt drilled and ready to be attached




buttons attached to butt plate




Here i used a 3 inch wide elastic to attach the left side of ab plate to kidney. The silver line is so i knew where the middle was.




Left side of ab plate with the split rivets. Yes i know i need to paint them black. Saving that for last




Drilled the center hole on ab plate to attach ammo plate and drop boxes




Ab buttons installed




inside of the ab plate. Showing the back of the snaps




Here are 2 pics of ab plate with everything connected.





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