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HELP - Vader Style Belt Buckle

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As you may have seen from my build thread I have dimensioned the buckle, and am currently discussing it's manufacture with a member of my garrison. With the hi res images available from "themaninthesuitcase" and the physical shoulder buckle I believe that I have got the measurements pretty accurate.




The problem is the thickness of the buckle. I have estimated that it is 6mm thick, and we believe that it has been constructed by layering 2-3 aluminium plates. However, when you look at some of the promo shots the buckle looks to be thinner than 6mm.


The photo below is the only one from my reference shots at Celebration that gives an indication of the thickness of the buckle.




I have cropped the original Hi Res image and included it below. The buckle looks to be quite thick and I can't help thinking that I can see seam lines down the side of the buckle suggesting the layered construction. In order to see it you'll have to zoom the page rather than the photo, for some reason the image does not degrade so much if you zoom the whole page!




Assuming I am correct about the seam lines then I think that it is made up from 2-3 separate layers of aluminium (so it could be as much as 6mm thick assuming they used 2mm plate).


Does anyone else have an opinion on this and/or better pictures of the buckle?



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