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CRL and approved accessories questions

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Hey all!

I'm getting started on my Shadow Trooper build later this year, and after reading the CRL I'm a tad confused about what is approvable in terms of accessories and paint.



I noticed in the CRL that black tube stripes are allowed, but I've seen approved troopers with dark grey, black, and classic TK blue. What exact shades/paints are approvable? I want the blue TK style tube stripes because it really "pops" against the black.

What shade of Humbrol or Testors silver is used for the frown and/or vocoder? I've never seen a definitive answer, it's always just "paint it a proper silver."



All the CRL says about accessories is that black pauldrons are approvable, but I've seen troopers with grey, white, and even orange. Is just black approvable or is any pauldron acceptable?

I've also seen "Roadblock" ammo pouches and MP40 magazine pouches as well. Are these approvable?


Lastly, I've seen some troopers with a white Imperial logo on their chest plate. Is this acceptable?


Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!




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