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Death Trooper Helmet - Scratch Build (Studio 49)

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Well the Rogue One costume bug has officially gotten me and although I promised myself no more costumes well here I am... ;)

At this stage I'm just making the bucket from scratch, but if that works out I'd love to try make bucks for the armour and vac form my one set. That's something I've always wanted to try and I figure a new costume would be the perfect opportunity for that!




Now onto the progress so far on the bucket!

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Ok so first a little bit of insight for you all as to how I'm going to do this (and to justify there is a method to my madness ;) )


I am constructing a master helmet that I will use for rotocasting a fully wearable copy for myself

The master will be constructed with a combination of digital and traditional methods

- The front most third will be created digitally in my CAD software as with these features needing to be angular and precise it's easer that way

- And the back will be created from high density foam that I will shape through carving, sanding and rigorous filling to the exact shape I want. With the organic curves of the back that's much easier to perfect by hand

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Stage 1: Initial Carving

To start with I decided I wanted to rough out the form of the helmet so naturally I needed foam, and lots of it! Thankfully I had leftover foam in the workshop from my work last semester for my Bachelor of Design Studies (Product/Industrial Design)






I also sourced some Orthographic views and such, not for getting measurements for the fine details but really just ensure the overall proportions are correct

These images in particular were taken from leaked packing for the Black Series Titanium helmets




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Stage 2: CAD Development begins


So now that I had the foam in a really rough shape of what I'm after (believe me when i say that the foam is far form finished!) it was time to start getting stuck into the 3D modelling

With which I decide to target the chin/snout area as my first are to attack and build out from to create the rest of the facial are of the bucket









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I always love seeing guys rough stuff out into something tangible. Please keep it coming!

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Thanks you for the kind words everybody!


I always love seeing guys rough stuff out into something tangible. Please keep it coming!

I just love building stuff and I've always wanted to learn how to sculpt and cast so this is actually the first helmet that I'll have made with sculpting. I've sculpted a few other thing where and there like for my McQuarrie Concept Vader. I love the challenge of bring something into the real world that didn't exist prior, it's never not satisfying!

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I've made some great progress do on the CAD model but will do a bit more before I post updates ;)


But for now I'll post this video, it's a sizzle reel of all the projects, costumes and props that I have made over the last few years

Everything you see in this video was either designed or built by me or both ;)

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Wow. This is looking amazing. I hope you do make buckets :)


Thank you for the kind words mate

At this point I'm stage one that I'm aiming for is just to cast a single bucket for me so I can use myself as the guinea pig since if it doesn't meet my high standards I just wouldn't think it right to sell


And then if all is going well and I've got the hang of acting this badass bucket I'll start doing limited runs as time allows

But first I have to finish the mould ;) I figure I should also mention I'm in no rush to be the 'first' guy with DT buckets, I'm the kind of vendor who takes their time to make sure everything is perfect


By the way, watch this space for an update tonight ;)

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Alright here's tonights update folks ;)

I finished off the respirators/green mic tips and started roughing out the cheek structure from which I can build out the rest of the details

I have to say I am extremely stoked with how this is coming along!







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