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Can anyone identify the shoulder straps?

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I've been looking at the shoulder straps on the DT and can't help thinking that they are made from some sort of rubber timing/drive belt.

In the image below I have circled an area where it looks like the raised blocks are linked by a mesh type material and the attached to a second strip of material (possible curved plastic) to strengthen the whole thing.

What are others thoughts and has anyone got any ideas where it is from?



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Someone on the R1 Troopers fb page made a possible id:




Just waiting for confirmation against estimated sizes and further details on supplier, etc. He's in Virginia so made someone else State side can help? I just hope if it is right that I can find it in the UK!?


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So we still haven't found the strapping material!


I had been wondering whether there was evidence of material/mould reuse on the DT in the hope that it may give a lead on the source of the straps, and....


I found some, although I am not saying that this has anything to do with the straps!

Thanks to the fantastically high res images provided by Chris there is evidence of the same source material being used on the TD and the abdominal plate.

I have cropped the photos and circled the areas that I think indicate this! The notches look to be at similar spacings and the overall dimensions of the ribs seem to be the same, at least by eye!


I haven't got my ruler out yet but I do wonder whether the straps have been cut from this to!?!


Anyway take a look and tell me what you think? I hope I am not seeing things that aren't there! :/





Abdominal Plate:



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