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Memory´s WIP: Shadow Stormtrooper full stealth

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While I´m in the saying hi and setting up part I can start the WIP, too so I can include the research phase and keep you guy guys up to date and show the pre-brown box day phase as well ;)


I have not decided on the kit I´ll get nor the kind of plastic let alone the thickness. For the time being I´m drawn towards 2mm ABS.


If I´ll get a RS Prop, Andy Rogers, Ironmotion or Troopermaster kit - I haven´t decided on that either. It´s kinda tough when you have 4 great vendors "at hand" in Europe...

RS Prop is closer to the original (as much as that applies for the TX), while Ironmotion is very clear and straight... HMMMMM... decisions decisions...

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well it IS nice no doubt, yet I still have to see it in person and have a thorough inspection (my first event will be a huge one so plenty of possibilities ;) ). I´m a bit worried that it will be too "clinical/modern overstyled loft"-type for me... (I´m more of a comfy wooden furniture and stuff kinda girl xD, a bit "rougher" for armor kits...

I guess those are things you can only decide so much on pics. Seeing a kit "eye to eye" helps A LOT^^

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