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WIP: Magma Trooper from Germany !

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Hello again !!!


one more time me, Philip from Germany !!!


today i´ll start a new topic of another build ....


it´s MAGMA TROOPER time !!!


two weeks ago me and friends of mine started to fetch up our new armors. about six !!!

this is what my garden looked like when my girlfriend came home from work:




five of theses armors are for our Nova Squad. i´ve got my Nova Elite and now my friends had the idea to build all of the Novas and start a Squad. there will be other WIP´s here...


But what about me? I have my Nova.... so i will build my Magma.


Stay tuned to see more ....




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hello my friends !!!


here´s another pics of the progress on my Magma Trooper.... i know, i should post more pics of my building here... i apologize for that !!


here are my shins, i added a platicstripe on the backwide of them to get them closed without high pressure in the front.



here are the finished parts so far.. next work will be on the thights...

(the pic is not the best, but i was raining outside so i took the pic inside with flash)



so stay tuned !!!




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hello my friends,

long time i haven´t been here, i apologize for that. there were lots of trouble in my life which needed to be cleared

but here are some pics of my further building.... as always i hope you´ll like them. soon the magma will be ready for

approval !!!!




the second pic is without flash, the color is all over the armor the same. believe me :D


So stay tuned !!!!




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Hello again my friends,


sorry for long time not writing here, but life is some times difficult....


but a trooper always smiles and so i can present the pics of my finished MAGMA....






Pics for approval are sent and know the waiting beginns... what do you think ?


And here´s a pic for the rebels outside...... "beware, there´s a new trooper on the playgound" :-)



hope you all like it !!!




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