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Cushman's Sonix Victory Radio


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I was perusing Cushman's paintball yesterday and found out that he's now selling a vacformed sonix victory. It isn't perfect but it's cheap and takes alot of work out of the backpack for anyone interested in doing an Elite. Couldn't buy one though because his website advised he could not get paypal money right now. Don't know what that's about. Anywho just FYI


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I can't say anything from personal experience about Cushman's Radio but there are a number of concerns voiced about a few of his other products. Over on Mos Eisley you'll find a number of posts regarding DLT-19s showing up cracked - some small cracks some not so small cracks.


Again I'm not saying to avoid Cushman, as there are a lot of very happy troopers, but just be aware of their track record.


Also I think there is someone around here that does a great looking Sonix

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I didn't enjoy my experience with Cushman too much. I ordered a DLT-19 from him in May and didn't get it until 5 months later and after tons of emails and complaints. That and it isn't the greatest thing made either. Just my experience with him.




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Wow I didn't know about all the negatives with cushman. I only knew him from Izzi's blaster which looked pretty sweet. It's cool though because I can scratch build my radio faster than 8 weeks for sure. I looked on the ordering info and that was the shortest projected wait time. :confused:

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I didn't have any problems with my Cushman DLT-19. Looks great in pics and is Durable. It probably took about 8-10 weeks to get, but that was expected. (With the exception of CAP-W 8-10 weeks is a standard time) It's lasted for all my troops so I've been perfectly happy with it.



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