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Help Identifying Pouch on the Belt

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I've been offline for a few days for some RnR with the family but that hasn't stopped me analysing all the photos that I have got my hands on :D


And, guess what!?! There is an extra pouch on the DT belt that I hadn't seen previously and for which there is no quality image in the reference photos! Can anyone help?


Here is a very grainy shot of it:



It looks to be black leather but I really can't tell from this photo!



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Nice find Mark! Hadn't seen that one before. I'll add it to the list of things to search for.

I happened to be looking over the hi-res entertainment weekly shots trying to get a better idea of the SE-14R holster and spotted something that looked odd on the left side! Only when I looked at my grainy shot did I realise!!! I hope someone comes up with something better :)


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Update: From the limited photos that I have got my hands on thus pouch looks to be made of black leather with no visible stitching except maybe where the leather forming the pocket is attached to the slightly wider leather cover flap which also forms the backplate! I am unsure whether the pouch has a belt loop or is fixed directly to the belt, however I suspect it has a belt loop fitted.

The cover flap is secured by a single snap fastener.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?


2016-08-02 10.11.59_zpsh6rdfeqk.jpg

2016-08-02 10.13.07_zpsfzwl1xav.jpg

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I have found an alternative image that has confused things. This was taken at SDCC I believe and gives a slightly clearer image of the pouch. The problem is that the lay of the fabric on the pouch is similar to the larger one which is made from duck cotton, this makes me question my first thought that the smaller pouch is leather!? I guess they could have varied the material used!



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Have taken another look at the above photo and I now think the fabric I originally thought was part of the small pouch is actually part of the larger pouch in front.

The flap of the larger pouch is off to one side.

Therfore, my previous observation is probably a red herring! It has been suggested that the smaller pouch is similar to a leatherman pouch.

Am interested in others thoughts?


And for completeness the dimensions look to be:

120mm high X 60mm wide X ~35mm deep

With a flap length of 90mm.


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