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Restructure of thread

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Hi all

I don't know about anyone else but I am struggling to locate/keep track of everything that is being discussed and agreed about the DT costume both here within all the wips and on other social media sites.

As a result I propose to create a number of topics covering various aspects of the costume in a similar manner to the Shoretrooper thread .ie.


Soft Parts






Optional Extras/Heavy Gunner


I know that we are currently a small but dedicated group who have a love for the DT costume but eventually others will see the light and come looking for information. Categorising it will save them having to read through all the WIP threads and other sources.


It is not my intention to stop discussion of the costume from happened elsewhere, in fact I would actively encourage it. All I ask is that when there has been a major part find, a consensus reached or some of key info item obtained then the details are posted in the appropriate topic ^_^




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That's a decent idea, and you can certainly lay things out in that fashion. The main home is the "Death Trooper (ROU)" thread. From there, feel free to start the other threads as you see fit. If you need any help from the "web guy", just let me know. :)

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Done. I'll start migrating info into each of the topic areas later and then try to keep the first post in each area up to date with information as it comes to light but hopefully we now have a more structured discussion area! 😊


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Recommendation. Add DT or ST to the titles. With Boots as the title, I don't know if the thread is about the Shoretroop boots or the Death Trooper boots.

Jim is this something you can sort out?


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Well, technically these threads are already listed within the proper bucket (DT or ST). Adding that to the title just makes it easier to see which bucket it belongs to, without actually looking at the bucket (category) listing.


Mark - you can actually edit your posts and do this, if you want. Just go to the first topic post, click edit, then Use Full Editor. And you can edit the title right there.

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