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Bwattsup's Deathtrooper Build

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My build is in progress, so time to start documenting it. I'm planning to buy most of the outer portions from some of the talented prop makers who have things in the works. However, I am going to try and construct my undersuit, and a few other things along the way. Look forward to becoming a spec ops member in the near future with an Anovos Shadow, but my heart and mind is all about the Deathtrooper right now. :)


Armor: Undecided

Helmet: Phoenix Props

Gloves: Endor Finders

Boots: Dr. Martens - Mayer (hopefully will find the Jered's someday)

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I've also started work on the 3 pouches that attach to the belt both front and back. The first time I made them, I tried to use the same method as the Biker Scout pouches I've made in the past. Unfortunately, the seam lines are much different for the DT pouches. After some discussion with both Mark and David, We came to a consensus on how the were constructed. So I went back to the drawing board on my patterns, and made them differently. They still aren't perfect, but they're getting closer. Need to make a few more adjustments, and then I'll be happy with them.


Here's my first attempt:






And here's the second attempt:









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Great start Barry. I love this costume, and it's exciting to see folks beginning their builds. I'll be watching closely for sure.

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Great score on the boots Barry, I was just looking on eBay for some of those babies. I'd love to stumble across the Jered version, but they seem to be gone-gone. Anyways, keep at it and I know you'll bring this one to life! :thumbsup:

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I took a break from the pouches, and turned my attention to the shoe spats today. Here's my first attempt on it after I played around with some headliner foam and fabric. Hopefully gonna be able to use this material for the undersuit and gaskets. Just gotta tighten up the line straightness.









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You've done an awesome! I wish I could track down the Doc Martens. ;)


Thanks Scott! There is a style of Doc Martens that are readily available called Talib's. They are pretty much the same as the Mayer's that I have. Expensive, but would certainly work. :)

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Really nice work there Barry!


Thanks Jim! I never thought the sewing skills I picked up from my Scout would turn into a passion for it. I had a discussion with my daughter about it yesterday. It was a little strange considering I spent so much time in my youth being dragged out to cloth stores, and waited til I was 40 to pick it up.

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This is pretty cool. Maybe you can sell them as an attachment either held on by the laces or velcro.


I've got to use velcro for part of it. The material is a poly/spandex mix and loves to pull. It flips up on one corner because of that. I just have to find the best way to attach velcro without destroying the fabric. gonna play around with the design some more this week.

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I made enough ribs for 2 sleeves yesterday. The elbow gasket material is the same as used for the spats. The shoulder material is jersey over foam. They aren't perfect, but will do for now. Haven't decided what material to make the forearm out of yet. It's more of a compression shirt material.










Two sleeves worth:



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